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to their male counterparts. >>> it was happy valentine 's the day for this couple, they collected a $217 million powerball jackpot. >>> straight ahead -- kangaroos take over a golf tournament. and take a look at this amazing video from san diego. where sea world welcomed a new bundle of joy. you're watching today's "first look." to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-upper. riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trad
-day forecast. i have sunshine to brighten your valentine's day. temperatures will come up on friday. mid60s to low 70s. they will start to fall over the weekend. a little more cloud cover by president's day. it is cooling off and it is much cooler by tuesday and wednesday. numbers in the 50s. rain tuesday, showers wednesday. the computer models are still going with the possibility of rain. it is still in there. we are going to keep it going and hope we get more wet days coming. >> thanks, sandhya. >>> the oscars are a week and a half away. you can start getting ready for the beg event with our official oscars act. >> check out the my pics features and you can keep track. it is vawbl for iphone, ipad, an droid and the kindle fire. >> and be with us on oscar sunday. >>> tennis, anyone? it is a final chance at hp pavilion. survival mode and third set and second game and gets out of it with a monster serve. an ace up the tee on game point. 2-2 and the 6 foot 9 near court and returning serve with the forehand winner and from the shoelace and we go to match point. sails long and the 2 seed moves
into saturday, a snow chance and colder, only in the 30's. >> thank you for joining us. happy valentine's day. >> have a good one. one.
around low to mid-60s. valentine's day we're going to crank up temperatures near 70 degrees. by friday, it's going to be sunny mild across the board mid 60s to low 70 was a cooling trend he'dheading into the weekend. the snis sunshine, nice looking weather to warm your loved ones hearts on valentine's day. so go ahead and make plans. >> still ahead dogs that chased away a fowl problem. >> we're excited. we've waited for this. >> new at 6:00 residents are finally getting merchandise more than a year after they've ordered it. explaining what took so long. that is at 6:00. we'll be right bac >>> sky 7 over a police standoff, you can see how close sit right there. police surround a motel there. officers believe a bank robber is holed up inside of the building. another man walked out and surrendered to officers about an hour and a half ago. police say the two men robbed a bank about 1:40 this afternoon. >> we'll update on our web site. caltrans locking to stop a copper caper costing taxpayers millions of dollars. over last year, vandals have stolen copper from 59 meters at $35,000 per signa
in the mid-to-upper 60's and clear and mild for evening festivities on valentine's day and low-to-mid 50's. not a heavy coat needed this time. a warmest day tomorrow will be in the mid 60's to 70 again, and winds will shift on saturday but, still, it looks mild low-to-upper 60's. on sunday, the cooling will be more noticeable where mid 60's for us. >> fog settling in the scene bay bridge and you can see traffic is very light but the fog is heavy with a fog advisory for this. take extra caution this morning with limited visibility. south 101 embarcardero to shoreline we have road work this various lanes until 5:00 this morning, so for another 20 minutes. in san ramon valley northbound 6 80, various planes are blocked through this area here until action. >> a warning to east bay residents, thieves have left a neighborhood in the dark. next how people are dealing with a potentially dangerous situation. >> a peninsula high school on alert, the discovery that has >> welcome back on thursday. redwood city is the latest city to implement a ban on plastic bags. there will be a vote march 11, requi
as we head into wednesday, thursday. it will feel more like spring and low to mid60s. valentine's day looking beautiful. no excuses, everyone. on friday we are looking at slightly cooler weather. but it will remain dry as you look at the forecast. >> sandhya, thank you. >> let's check in with larry. >> it is a super bowl fading memory. we are on to baseball. >> it is for the goen. sandhya mentioned they are holding fan -- fanfest >>> good evening. when the biblical character sampson cut his hair he lost his power. the giants' ace has ditched the long locks. we heard the phrase from freak to geek. he is being compare from harry potter to mclovin in "super bad" and rachel modow. after a rough 2012 timmy is hoping to return to cy young form even though he looks like he might be the guy from the i.t. department. >> it is accentance. it is like sometimes it is hard to accept things you don't want to. last year was tough one to swallow and i got through it, and the team helped me. this year i want to take a fresh take and fresh a you proach. >> after blowout losses in houston and oklahoma c
about a possible cure for peanut allergies. >> we are giving you plenty of warning for valentine's day. we s >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. reports of an accident past loch raven in towson. right now out of the traffic looks good. 12 minutes on the west side. 95 is running smoothly down towards the beltway and beyond. 64 on eastbound 70 at 29. 795 checks out ok. southbound 295, we can see the volume is picking up at 175. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we will see the steady rain stick around for a couple of hours. steady rain around the beltway and along 83. coming to an end around frederick and points west. temperatures are safely above freezing. no slipping and sliding this morning. this is a warm front that is, coming up. we might get a few breaks in the overcast. that will help to boost the temperatures. humidity 50's this afternoon. rain likely early this morning. high temperature between 52 and 57. it will get colder through the middle portion of the midweek. rain and snow on wednesday. some small accumulation is likely into valentin
at temperatures from the low to upper 40s. valentine's day is looking great. we still have the possibility of rain coming in on tuesday. mike will be here from 4:theater to 7:00 a.m. and tracking the potential for rain. jay thank you, sandhya. >>> the moves of a marin county man and his two grandmothers have gone viral for their take on the latest internet sensation. >> he is doing the harlem shake with a little help from his grandmother. >> a lot of help. >> it is a free form dance to the song "harlem shake" and youtube has raked up a million hits. >>> the san francisco zoo has a new addition. >> a tiger cub was born to its nine-year-old >> it is an extremely endangered species.
chocolates. >> yum. >>> well, of course, not everyone loves valentine's day. >> not everybody. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us some businesses are still finding clever ways to cash in on the singles crowd. >> reporter: it started as a nerdy kid who never got valentine's and a teenager who never got them. i hate, hate, hate, hate valentine's day. >> that was a few years and couple of hairstyles ago but i still hate valentine's day. i'm not alone. >> pure commercialism. i feel sorry for people who don't have too much money but pressured into buying lots of things for valentine's day. >> reporter: $18.5 billion in the u.s. according to the national retail federation, meant an average of $108, women only 53. >> it makes people feel bad. >> reporter: if you don't get something or have a special someone. so shawny delaney plans to have a talk with 7-month-old al when it's time. >> you know, you can express that you care about people in other ways on other days. today is like any other day. >> reporter: it's not for restaurants. and some are starting to cas
slippery. we start valentine's day in the 30's, 44 in the afternoon. dry conditions, good for people heading out to dinner. most of the snow this weekend stays offshore. >> flowers bring a lot of joy this time of year, but it is not a fairy tale ending 41 baltimore florist. she says she fell victim to someone she trusted. tonight, barry simms discovers she may not be the first victim. >> a local shop owner says she hired the designer on the spot because his work was just that could. now she accuses him of scamming her out of thousands of dollars. regret and recover. are both in bloom -- regret and recovery are both in bloom. the designer wanted to work here and had all the right stuff. >> he was extremely creative, extremely in beijing. he knew everything about a flower shop that anyone could ever know. >> the shop owner says that this is the man who gained her trust and talked her into ordering from a wholesaler, who he claimed could get hurt the flowers at half the cost. her anticipation turned to frustration and anger. >> they never came. >> she was out thousands, and he was gone.
.you're watchingg 3 & 33 thii valentine's day... we're sharing wiih you some fun facts... from an "m-s-n ddt com" list. 3 asssciatton says it expects one-qqarter of americcn adults an aerage of 142-dollars on their meals..hat makes today the second-busiest hooiday fo restauranns... after motter'ss -& day. &pcaaroll and freddrick countyy 33 schools are open 2 ours late. 3 3&p p3 3 ,3 385 175 map 3 3 this morniig we're learning the shhoter in he murddr--uicide ust off the univeesityyof maaylandds with ore on tte suspeet's past... plus toddy's ther topp stories. 3 dayvon maurice green worked as a poliie auxiliary officer for about two weeks in he summer. he didd't carry a badgee r a -3 gun, but had oliie radio to -3& trouble.a spokesperson says he was fired, after he didn't showup foorwork twice. 3 tth univeesityyof marrland 3 week's shootiig off campus... is nowwout of the ospiiaa.. purrently recovering at hme..and is suurounded by it's a miracle neal suuvivee. in annapolis... some lawmakers are looking t this recent traaedy... sayinn it
. temperatures by valentine's day, in the low 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's if the rest of us. >> busy commute at the pay bridge where metering lights have been turned on. we have a stall in the right lane on the center anchor possibly causing delays on the upper deck of the eastbound 580, an accident on the shoulder in the eastbound direction. we got word from the richmond san rafael bridge westbound direction of 580, all lanes are open with maintenance work ongoing. and a boulder in the lanes north 880 at 5th in oakland. >> barry bonds returns to federal court this week. on wednesday the 9th circuit court in arizona will hear arguments in his bid to overturn the felony obstruction of justice conviction. our media partner, contra costa times must convince two members of the panel he was convicted for giving a rambling answer that had nothing to do with the steroids probe he was facing. the prosecution will argue that bonds gave intentionally false or misleading or evasive answers to a grand jury when he testified in 2003 about the use of performance-enhancing drugs. >> whiskey lovers,
. temperatures reach the mid-60's to 70 for valentine's day and friday. we drop a couple of degrees saturday and sunday and back to average on monday with upper 50's and low 60's for the rest of us and a chance for showers and mid-to-upper 50's on tuesday. >> early accident south 680 has been cleared but the damage is done and that is usually a nasty commute but that traffic is jammed all the way back to 680 and 84 is jammed to livermore with no good alternate. you can navigate with a free app and apple app and google play. a couple of problem spots have c.h.p. on the scene with the right lane blocked and an early accident and a second accident at that scene and that has been cleared southbound 101 and hopefully that will be out of there in the next few minutes. in daly city, northbound skyline boulevard has been shut down because of an accident and a car in a guardrail, now, the bay bridge commute, metering lights have been turned on and back to the second overcrossing. eric and kristen? >> starbucks teams up with armed forces. >> today on "katie" we welcome two queens of country music incl
. valentine's day, it will be lovely weather, 62 at coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us. i didn't see many cars on the way to work. sue? >> it is light. especially for 4:38 on monday morning. we have one problem spot through the hayward area. north 880 at 92, two right lanes are blocked with an accident here. c.h.p. is getting on the scene and when they do we will have more information. right now the road centers do not look like there is much slowing in the area. we will keep following that as the commute is underway. the only other road work is maintenance work at the richmond and san rafael bridge toll plaza, three left lanes for 20 minutes there and a live look at 80 through berkeley, light this morning and crowding around the 580 merge, otherwise it is picking up all the way into the macarthur maze and the first look at the bay bridge this morning, light and no issues here. kristen and eric? >> next, stuck at sea, the effort underway right new to get a stranded cruise ship and thousands of passengers moving again. >> reaching out to the community, oakland police lay out the
ones. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, a valentine's day marriage of sorts. american airlines and u.s. airways are merging to make one mega air carriers. >> cheaper mac book pros. how much apple is lowering the price and why. >> it's shaping up to be a beautiful day to bask in sunshine and celebrate love. a more complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. >>> complete coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija and first warning weather with marty bass and meteorologist tim williams. it's wjz, mayo road. >>> it is sunny and 43 degrees. your comb -- complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. >>> american airlines and u.s. airways are merging. the boards of the two air carriers agreed last night. they will create the largest airlines in the world. the new company will keep the american airlines name and the ceo of u.s. airways will run it. >>> the sheriff in california said his deputies did not intentionally burn down a cabin that christopher dorner was in. he said the take i can was to drive dorner out not set the cabin on fire. authoritie
you to wall street, we'll see if investors are in the mood to love any stocks this valentine's day. historically, the s&p has been up 39% of the time on february 14th. big companies reporting earnings, general motors, pepsico and tinto. best buy, by the way, also slid after the bell on reports its ceo may not be taking the company private. new numbers out today as well show foreclosures dropped 7.%. that's down 28% from last year. the u.s. postmaster general urged congress yesterday not to force mail delivery on saturday telling senatoring, quote, the postal service is losing $25 million a day. >>> time warner is reportedly in talks to sell "people" and "in style" to the meredith corporation. >>> microsoft's bill gates and carlos schmidt are teaming up to fight world hung we are a new $25 million complex to research seed development. >>> j.d. power and associates says porsche, lexus and lincoln are the 2013 most depending vehicles. >>> the largest flower auction sell 100 million roses and another 100 million to it on valentine's day week. >>> if you're looking for a romantic getawa
airlines and a few others filed for bankruptcy protection. dayy is a valentine's marriage with u.s. airways makes the new entity the biggest airline in the world, 900 planes, 3200 flights every single day, and 100,000 employees and the experts have been telling me that all of this is good news for air travelers. >> there should be benefits to the customer and hopefully service will start to improve and you will be able to go between two cities easier. hopefully this will be beneficial to customers. there is a concern about pricing. historically, mergers normally do not end up actually leading to ticket pricing going up. the reality is that the aviation industry has been losing money for years and the u.s. a ticket prices need to rise. >> so possibly good news but tickets may rise. we will keep our eyes on that one. 2012 da 14 is not exciting but if i told you that it is an asteroid that is heading for earth -- it has been tracking the 15-meter asteroid and nasa says it will get closer at around 7:30 gmt, pm, on friday. it is not expected to hit the earth but the bad news is it could affect
. livermore near 70 degrees. 70s in watsonville. accu-weather forecast warmer for valentine's day. and friday, weekend featuring a slow cooling trend. much cooler by then, and then, looking at tuesday, rain low owe to mid-50s, showers for wednesday. some wet weather early as tuesday and wednesday of next week. but until then, valentine's day forecast is sure to warm your heart. live from the roof of the kbotv broadcast center, dan, cheryl? >> thank you. >> coming up out of the cold now. >> still to come breaking barriers with baseball. some students about to become diplomats. >> at 6:00 it's legal now but a california lawmaker wants to ban hands free texting. the personal tragedy that is inspiring this effort. stay with us. that sat 6:00. we'll be rig >>> some bay area high school students set off on a trip to baseball and soft ball teams. it's believed they're the first high school teams to go to cuba to play against students there. >> they're going to be exploring havana to see culture and museum autos people don't expect it to be different because it's only 45 miles from florida. we're ex
's under a clear sky. now, the forecast, a couple more days, tomorrow is valentine's day and it looks like nice weather and a high of 70 on friday before a cooling trend and saturday is not bad at low 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us. >> a couple of problem spots already this morning in san francisco, an injury accident southbound 101 still blocking two lanes, and emergency and ambulance is on scene and they expect 30 minutes before it is out of there. hopefully by 5:45 at the latest and we will follow that for you and the abc7 app shows the other problem southbound 680, three lanes remain blocked and traffic is stacking up toward and you will find major, major traffic jam here. to navigate around this there is no alternate but you can download the app at google play to get you around. >> police are forced to evacuate a bus stop near a major mall in the east bay and the item that police say was meant to cause a scare. >> in san mateo county, a water leak kills hundreds of fish. the dangerous discovery and what is being >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay
and 70s. so it should be a beautiful valentine afternoon all around the bay area even toward the coastline. we are looking good. if you don't want to get roses how about some tulips? my mom used to always say tulips with better than no lips. i don't what that means, elizabeth but i know it means something very, very important. [ laughter ] back to you. >> you said that right. your mom has all the fun -- funny sayings. >> tulips are my favorite flowers so i'll take those. >> reporter: there you go. >> thanks, lawrence. >>> we're talking about fog outside right now and no major incidents. that's the good news. so the visibility is down for sure in parts of the bay area because the fog is so thick. but we haven't seen too many hot spots. oakland moving at the limit past the coliseum. san mateo bridge similar story, 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. a brief traffic break so hopefully things will recover against the commute eastbound 80 at mcdonald avenue in richmon they are clearing a stall out of one lane on a blind curve so they
if investors are in the mood to love any stocks on valentine's day. the s&p 500 has been up 39% of the day on february 14th. big companies reporting earnings, general motors, pepsi he could and rio tint yoe. cisco and whole foods beat earnings estimates. investors sold on their lower outlooks. best buy also gave a report that ceo may not be taking the company private. new numbers show foreclosures dropped 7% in january. that's down 28% over last year. >>> the u.s. post master general urged congress yesterday not to force mail delivery on saturday telling senators, the postal service is losing $25 mi2$25 mi day. time warner is in talks to sell three magazines to the meredith corporation for $2 billion. >>> microsoft founder bill gates and carlos slim are teaming up to tackle world hunger with a new $25 million complex to research seed development. >>> jb power and associates says lexus, porsche and lincoln are 2013's most dependable vehicles. >>> the largest flower auction in the netherlands says it sells 100 million roses and another 100 million tulips on valentines week. and ups is delive
-to-mid 70's in palm springs and tahoe is 49 degrees. happy valentine's day. >> happy valley tine's day. the fog is lifting for emory visit camera. the tail lights headed westbound 80 toward the macarthur maze and the headlights headed eastbound and that is good news because visibility is limited. we have a stall at 880 and they have to run a traffic break to get it out of there. >> taylor farms is recalling spinach over fears of e. coli sold here in california. the spinach comes in 16-ounce trays. so far, no illness has been reported. >> the contends of the monster energy drinks will remain the same but the labels will change. company officials will change the supplement facts listed on the side of the cans to nutrition facts and they will show how much caffeine the drink contains. the change means monster will no longer have to meet the stringent federal guidelines required of supplements and reflects extra scrutiny the industry has been getting from the food and drug administration over the safety of the ingredients. >> the san francisco zoo has a new addition, the first video of the
, y cambiando de tema el día de san valentin es para comparitr para tener lazos de amor y amistad y nuestro compañero nos cuenta como pasan estas fechas y . >>> estas fechas son a través d eun corazón y flores es el regalo más comun para demostra que el amor y la amistad late todos los días y estos son los deya. deta. detalles . >> > decir te quiero es un sentimiento universal que rompe todo. >>> y qué tal uno d los besos que se comen las palabras y derrepente se pierde la resúpiraiocn y así comienza está día. >> > y con un día li ndk para enseñar cualquier cosa que le amas, esto es todo pool y saludos a la cámara y qué tal un besito para comprobarlo que viva el amor. >>> del uno al 10 como cuanto? . >>> sobre paso el 10 y creo que damos lo iguales cada uno . >>> mucho mucho amor especificamente está noche . >>> nada más está noche?. >>> no, depende de las flores. >> > pero que culpas tienen las flores y el amor. >> > y así fue creciendo la vida de día de san valentin y para mjuchos el paganismo ya que antes en roma lo hacían para adorar el dios del amor.
a." have a great valentine's day. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead we expect a formal announcement today that would affect millions of travelers. american airlines and u.s. airways agreeing to a merger, they would become the world's biggest airline. >> in south africa, an olympic sprinter and double amputee has been arrested in the shooting death of a woman. good morning, washington. it's thursday, february 14. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras on this valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day, everybody. we got an inch of snow or less across the area. just a trace at reagan national. i cannot even see anything on the grass. germantown had an inch as well as winchester. just shy of an inch in wgaithersburg. most of its stock to the grassy areas. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. watch for slick spots on the roadways this morning especially if they are elevated. 35 degrees at reagan national. a beautiful day to look forward to. lots of sunshine with a high around 49
will really get things going to upper 60s to near 70 for valentine's day and then cooler into next weekend dry, dry, dry. >> well, that's too bad. that is going to do it tore us this morning. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. we are ending early because of the nba showcase. the clippers will be playing the knicks. have a great day and happy year >>> neither win, rain, fleet or slow could stop the faithful from making their way to the garden to see their beloved knicks. finding nom nemo. >> chris paul, what a move. >> comes alive. >> on the follow. >> three plays. >> don't see him do that very often. >> lebron has it all. >> how about that look from wade. >> he he hmade it look so easy. >>> welcome to our studios in downtown los angeles where the clippers and lakers are out the grammys are in. i'm mike wilbon alongside jalen rose, bill simmons and m
be a beautiful valentine's day for you. we are expecting high temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50 with lots of sunshine. so enjoy your afternoon. here are your forecast highs. 50 here in washington. 49 in quantico. mid- to upper 40s north appear west. gaithersburg, 46 for your daytime high and quiet conditions today. >> okay. lovely for this valentine's day. >> unfortunate will you, we've got some troubles on the roads this morning. accidents keep popping up on us on the outer loop of the beltway. let astart off just north of 50, the john hanson highway before you reach 450. accident activity on the right side of the road. callers are saying icy conditions out there so allow extra time on the roads. we'll show you the southbound stretch of 270. crash approaching 124 was in the right lane. look like they cleared it. outer loop of the beltway, the crash is before connecticut avenue. the left lane, that backup slowing from georgia avenue and now from the west on 66. wet pavement, delays from manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. traffic flows again from fair oak to 123. k to 123. >>>
forecast, things get sweet around here later this afternoon for valentine's day. highs in the upper 40s by 5:00 p.m. it's official. julie's got your traffic. >> i like that sunny and sweet. southbound 270 still grid locked out of german town out of 124. delays continue south of 370. just a few moments ago we showed you this particular camera. not only icy conditions but the accident activity south of the beltway. help is on the scene. the tow truck trying to remove this vehicle. traffic is able to come southbound but they have treated the roadway and trying to clean up the accident activity. let's continue with the maps. it's quite busy out here. icy conditions and accident continue to block i 97 and 32. on the southbound side of the highway, the left lane is blocked at the scene as well. outer loop 95 out of georgia avenue. icy conditions closing a portion of southbound 355 between grovner lane and the beltway. we have accident activity reported in virginia. georgetown pike at walker road. accident activity outbound at the beltway. five car crash occurred on the outbound side leaving d
, wednesday and thursday valentine's day. mid-60s should be one of the warmer days around the bay. we have that high tide, the king tides with 6.7 feet today at 10:20. so maybe a little localized flooding with that. and the sharks are playing at 1:00. you know, looks like another great weekend if you like it dry but we certainly can use some rain. >> right, until the parking garage floods here. >> that's always next. >> in sports, the east san jose sharks will try to snap a three-game losing streak against the phoenix coyotes at hb pavilion. puck drops 1:00. and the giants are getting ready for spring training to start on tuesday in arizona. here's larry beil with more on this morning's sports. >> good morning. when the biblical character sampson had his haircut he lost his power. tim lincecum is hoping for the opposite results. he has ditched the long location. we heard the phrase from the freak to geek. after a rough 2012 he's hoping to return to cy young form, although he looks like he might work in your it department. >> sometimes it's hard to accept the things you don't want to. last
into valentines day mild weather in the forecast. mid to upper 60s expected. mostly sunny skies. >>> you probably notice it is on the rise. gas is approaching the $4 mark in the bay area. why that may actually look like a bargain when you start comparing our prices to other places. >>> coming to the rescue. national guard unit called in for a very special delivery. >>> let's take you outside. there is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. sun is out. traffic moving smoothly. a beautiful sunday morning. 7:40 on the clock. >>> welcome back. a lye view there over -- a live view there over the city of san francisco. mostly blue sky. it's a chilly start to the morning. >>> the national guard doesn't often help deliver babies but it had to do so in massachusetts because of the big storm there. erika went into labor in the middle of the statewide travel ban. between the steep hills to her home and snowy roads emt couldn't get to her so dispatchers sent a nearby national guardout and they used a humvee to plow through the snow and deliver that bundle of joy. >> i guess there is people like new years
into monday but see the setup, a clearing day for your valentines. there's that brief clipper and wore back to nor only 30s for sunday. active outlook. tomorrow looks okay for all the val will be tine's -- valentine's festivities. got to get my everything tie ready. >>> we already live in a lover's paradise. if you're looking for love this valentine's day you're in look. a survey rests the best cities for savvy singles near the top. single life can get expensive. if you're looking to settle down, a new survey of the best city from kip linger's perm finance has great ideas. it factored income, cost of living, the unemployment rate, the number of singles and the cost of a date night out. in reality, the big city life-style costs big bucks, pushing it down on the list. >> it comes at 10. it has a high population of unmarried people. it didn't rank so high in our list of 10 because it comes with a high cost of living. >> illinois snagged the number one spot. >> best known for the sister city as the illinois state university hometown. you have a younger population because of the college crowd bu
mid 40s. should be near 50 for going out tonight for valentine's this evening. should be good weather. we'll be in the 40s through the evening and 30s tomorrow morning and into the 50s tomorrow. but maybe friday night after midnight into the morning hours on saturday. another area of snow moving through like we did last night. maybe on grassy areas mainly and melting on roadways and then cold after that for the rest of the weekend and in first part of next week. we'll see you tomorrow morning. have a good afternoon. >> thank you, tom. >> and barb, happy valentine's day to you. >> i look at my two guys with their red ties, everybody looks so valentiney. >> thanks for watching. tune in at news 4:00. >> and we'll be back tomorrow morning. we've got another makeover coming. you're going to want to see this one. have a terrific day.
of a model. >>> temperatures warmed up nicely for your valentine's day. i'll let you know if 70s return tomorrow and the 1 day we could be tracking shower chances next week. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load! skip the warehouse. charmin is $8.99 for 16 double rolls. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. . >>> several hundred people protested outside the san francisco department of human resources this afternoon. many of them were city workers who were rallied against what they say is a dhr proposal that would cut wages to thousands. police say the proposal does not affect new workers. >>> where to store large machinery needed for the subway, the municipal transit agency has agreed to a 2-year lease. the empty theater will be demolished and will be used to store 2 bori
into the wednesday time frame. we have temperatures near the bay in the mid-60s. check out thursday, valentine's day as well as friday, highs near 70 degrees. we'll look for cooling on saturday and bring a few clouds in on sunday. >> ama: thank you so much. shu is here with sports. >> it was a beautiful day down there. snedeker went to vanderbilt by a scholarship. they both made sure they ended up in the winner's circle. gorgeous day down in pebble beach. snedeker started date tied with james hahn. 12 under, snedeker, the approach on the 2nd, he stops short for an eagle. his playing partner, james hahn with an eagle putt on 2. never recovers, tied tied for third and 14 under. snedeker started to pull away from the field. nothing but net. 17 under. another on 11. now 58 under but chris kirk made a run. he leaves it eight feet. he birdies and closes the gap on snedeker. six and 66 leaves him in second place. 49er coach, jim harbaugh putt for an eagle on 18. snedeker down to 2 and on 17 another birdie. now up 3 and amateur partner, he created that scholarship just misses this putt to win the amateur po
, i'm here at the s.o.s. hotel. >> that's "real housewives of miami's" lisa hochstein on valentine's day in miami and take our word for it. she says a lot and it's boring at hell. >> my favorite sushi restaurant. i'm not really friends with the other girls. >> wait, hold on. it gets better. >> and then she's with this girl, adrianna and they're sitting in what looks like a hotel room. it's really weird. >> it's the first time i swing, the first time i do a foursome. >> bing bong, hello. >> they start touching boobs on each other. >> i don't think this video is boring at all. >> where's this video? >> have you seen these women? housewives of chernobyl" but if they're touching each other's boobs, guys will be interested. roll the boob touching video already. >> we compare boobs. let's compare boobs. boob war. i win. >> if you squint your eyes enough, it's almost like isabella rosellini and vanna white sort of. >> since when is just boobs squishing. not "just." >> seriously, boob squishing is not a normal day activity and there's not a man in this room who wouldn't want to watch, even
. just how warm it is going to get? '60s and '70s but no rainfall. >> with valentine's day there are some around the corner there are some digital do's and don't's to keep in mind. karin caifa has some tips for any stage of a relationship in this week's clicked in. thanks to social media the details of budding relationships can quickly be amplified through an entire list of connections, and that can really squash a spark. online etiquette expert julie spira says with courtship getting digital, it's created a new list of do's and don't's. like on a first date, do put that smartphone down. >> it sends a bad message to your date, that maybe there's someone more important than the person sitting across the table from you. don't post all of those early date details on twitter or facebook. >> in the early stages of a relationship, share very little about what's going on with your new beau. the reason is, you're dating people, he's dating people, we don't know how many people each other is dating until you've become exclusive and of course had that talk. for those in a relationship on valentine'
the mid-60s return. valentine's day looking downright lovely for the lovers out there. but i had mike tell me, only jon kelley can do that voice. >> oh, yeah, i'll leave that to mike, actually. he's got it down pretty good. christina loren, the caring, giving meteorologist. >>> the nbc bay area investigative unit obtaining financial data showing that while overall payroll in san jose decreased from 2011 to 2012 overtime increased by 35%. and that totals $4 million in difference there. in his state of the city address taking place last night mayor chuck reed says overtime may actually increase next year. >> we'll probably increase it next year because we need to make sure that our public is protect protecteded. overtime is one of the ways to do that but only on a short-time basis. we know that you can't do that all the time. >> he spent a good part of the address talking about the police department. he wants to use the savings from the pension reform to expand the force by 200 officers. reed also pushing for a sales tax increase and he hopes voters will approve it next year. >>> giants fans
on monday and mid-60s and valentine's day, very dry. >> katie: thank all of you for joining us on the saturday morning news. we are will continue at 5:00 tonight. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild
of us through 7:00. toward noon, you need the sunglasses for lunch in the mid-to-upper 50's and comfortable temperatures in the afternoon hours and dropping to clear sky in the low-to-mid 50's by 7:00. stretching the forecast into the weekend, you can see tomorrow for valentine's day it will be sunny, mid-to-upper 60's and the warmth system possibly up to 70 on sunday, and low 60's on saturday at the coast and upper 60's for the rest of us and finally a chance of showers in the forecast coming up in a few minutes with the accweather seven-day outlook. sue? >> back to a new location for southbound 680 accident being reported that on on the app showing three lanes are blocked. you can see the road looks as if it is not backed up. that is southbound 680. and will also, another accident southbound 680 on the shoulder and a stalled big rig 2349 median when 580 at 1st and there is some slowing through livermore. otherwise, road work in lanes on 8980, both directions, lost lane blocked for another 20 minutes until 5:00 a.m. >> police are getting out the word of a frightening crime
japan but they will confirm its tsunami debris. last year, the u.s. military boat recovered a japanese buoy off the big island of hawaii. >>> moving to other news, american airlines and us airways making it official this valentine's day. yes, they are getting married. a merger scott mcgrew says doesn't have a whole lot of romance. >> good morning. the strange thing about this new marriage is executives at american didn't want it. us airways has been trying to find a partner for quite some time and it found one in american. although the new airline will be called american, it's really us airways. the smaller company taking over the bigger company. us airways is generally not the favorite of travelers or travel riders. one airline executive went so far as to call us airways the ugly person that nobody wanted to marry. he's since apologized. what does all this mean to you and you? frequent flyer miles are not affected, at least for now. it will be a couple of years before they do that. if you have tickets for both, you can't combine miles together, at least not yet. the actual tickets and
valentine's day. friday, upper 60s inland and mid-60s on coast. we'll just have gradual cooling after that. getting into next week it's going to be a lovely week ahead. >> thank you. >> coming up next if you have ever wanted to be part of space history here is the chance. >> the pluto contest then, new at 4:30. >> since first appearing here, sutro sam is quite the local attraction. admirers have become a threat >>> now is your chance to leave your mark on the heavens. astronomers are asking for help naming two new moons discovered on pluto. pluto has three other known moonz named for greek characters. short list follows the same pattern you can see here. if you tlik to have a vote we have a link on our web si. very clearly too much time on my hands. >> vote. just officially. >> i did. >> charlie ray jepsen's first trip to the grammy was a sweet one even though she didn't win. >> it's been 10 jeers since chicago took home academy award for best picture. the cast will reunite for the anniversary. they join a list including meryl streep and the cast of the "avengers". choose your favorites to
forecast -- again, temperatures continuing to climb 5 to 10 degrees above average by valentine's day. you may even consider an outdoor picnic. don't get to do that very often on valentine's day. we remain dry. mid-60s in the forecast for saturday as well as sunday. the afternoon highs climb and so will the afternoon lows. not as chilly but cool and dry. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >>> celebrations to mark the lunar new year are being held around the world. ♪ >> in china, buddhist monks tolled bells and chanted. more than 35,000 people in the u.s. have signed a petition asking president obama to make the day a national holiday. san francisco's chinatown will celebrate with a parade a week from saturday. the parade which is known for elaborate floats and costumes, dates back to the 1860s. it's considered the largest celebration of chinese culture outside of asia. you can watch the parade right here on ktvu on february 23rd, starting at 6:00 p.m. >>> the golden state warriors get ready to announce a major change. >>> and the highlights of last night's grammy awards, including the bay
's of their own. gail weaver says we love you all, yes, even s.e. happy valentine's day you crazy kids. and i wanted to personally share another valentine with you, courtesy of the dccc. every year the dccc comes out with valentine spoofing cards. from the house republicans. like us on facebook where you can find the link to all the dccc valentines. up next we have a super bowl champ with us, baltimore ravens linebacker trades the gridiron for the cycle and his new opponent may be even tougher for the 49ers. >>> challenge to america to open it's doors to everyone in this country. a recent "usa today" editorial called end homophobia in professional sports calling the sports world the last closet in america. if you think there aren't gay men in the nfl or the nba or major league baseball, think again. there definitely are. that's say was wren by a gay rights activist and a freshly minted super bowl champion, a linebacker for the baltimore ravens. prachgs some of the work that you're doing in terms of gay rights and i've got to think back to when i was in college and i felt for some of the gay p
at best. a sunny beautiful valentine's day with a high temperature in the upper 40s. >>> ron matz, the carb capital in southwest baltimore. how are you doing? >> reporter: we're doing great. are you ready for valentine's day? >> yes we are. >> reporter: i'm glad you are. we have some a stounding numbers to tell you about what people spend. we're live in southwest baltimore at red's. i'll tell you all about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. >>> 31 right now. we dropped a degree. 96% humidity. 23 oak land, 34 cumberland 32 hagerstown easton at 32, dc annapolis, kent island and rock hall in the mid 30s. 28 this morning in westminster. this low shot offshore down to our south. it's problems have gone to the east with it. we're boeing to be left with clearing skies and a mild afternoon. a mild day tomorrow. a cold front comes into the region tomorrow night. that sets us up for a colder weekend with temperatures going below normal, which by the weekend will be 44 degrees. days getting longer. 48 degrees going to be the high this day. 33 partly cloudy over night. tom
will warm up with low to mid-60s. and for valentine's day, we can't forget that, my producer, anthony, is right on top of things. for all of you lovebirds out there, or ones looking for love, we will have some partly cloudy skies and 64. >> that's next thursday. >> next thursday. >> don't forget that. >> all right, jeff. you and your counterparts on the east coast saying it might be one of the biggest blizzards in recorded history and it's about to hit the northeastern states with a vengeance. airlines have already begun cancelling hundreds of flights in new york, chicago and other cities in the next few days. meanwhile in boston, school has already been cancelled. >>> still to come at 5:00, a close encounter as a record asteroid is headed our way. >>> and fed up with the skin or too much skin? the new dress code coming to one of hollywood's biggest events. >>> i safe landing, no problems reported after a dreamliner test flight. boeing got the okay to fly one of its 787s from its test factory to washington. dreamliners have been grounded after two battery fires. today the ntsb said it
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